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Lanificio is a perfect synthesis of a production center and a creative laboratory.

A small word of 3.500 square meters between the river Aniene and Pietralata street in Rome, estabilished in the former woolen mill – Lanificio Luciani; with a panoramic framework of spaces and landscapes that don’t succeed in hiding their European vocation.

Since the beginning in 2007 Lanificio is a collection of ideas and cultural stimuli that through experimentation, refinement and taste for the convergence of heterogeneous professionalism has opened a new binary to art, music, entertainment, catering.

Through the history of Lanificio


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    About Lanificio

    • 2007

      First opening was in 2007 with Lanificio 159, at the beginning assigned at private party, it became quickly one of the most representative places of Roman clubbing culture, and started to combine club night with the production of exhibitions, events and performances.

    • 2009

      In 2009 Lanificio Performa, multifunctional space devoted to dance and the performative arts, was opened and today it is inhabited daily by D.A.F. and Spellbound Contemporary Ballet.

    • 2011

      In November 2011, was inaugurated the restaurant Lanificio Cucina, the loft of quality catering and experimentation of creative international cuisine based on innovation, research and maniacal attention to the raw material, focused on the choice of biodynamic products.

    • 2012

      In 2012, alongside the opening of the Lanificio Expo, designed for temporary exhibitions and performances, the promotion of artistic and cultural activity of Lanificio Officina starts. This original lab of furnitures organizes creative workshops related to its core business, in addition to research, creation and restoration of furniture that make-up the furnishings of the encolsed restaurant. The Lanificio has created and produced two editions of the music festival C(h)orde, at the Evangelic Methodist Church of Rome, and SuperSanto’s music and shows  festival, during the Estate Romana project.

    • 2014

      Since 2014 the 1,000 square meters on the roof terrace of Lanificio is open to the public. The project, initiated two years before as Orto, is transformed into a new scenographic space for the Roman summer. From May to September, the terrace is open with FERIA, the summer event dedicated to cocktail, barbecue and music.

    • 2016

      By now the cultural proposal of the Lanificio cuts across music, performing and visual arts, cooking, recicle and restore of objects and furniture. All of this in the perspective of sustainability, recycling and land revaluation. Lanificio is a place and a project capable to transform according to the needs of its public, to share events and paths.