Swap at Lanificio Officina. You bring a table, we offer you a dinner!

The passion for discovery and retrieval of objects and materials is a natural outlet in the Lanificio Officina, always ready to share its vision of sustainable craftsmanship and creativity. From this vision comes out the swap, which combines curiosity for modern-art and antiques and one of the most archaic and natural exchange trading, applied to a fair exchange of taste.

According to the tradition, swap of things and objects can be negotiate without any intermediary with a direct confrontation, sharing skills and experience. The involvement of the taste and the pleasure of our cooking are an addition, because the counter-value of the swap are the dishes of Lanificio Cucina. You bring a table, we offer dinner!

How it works:
> You send an email with photos of each object that you want to trade at officina@lanificio.com.
> Lanificio Officina, if interested in the object, proposes a provisional assessment.
> We agree a date for the final evaluation of the object and give a coupon to client, whom will consume at Lanificio Cucina.
> You return to Lanificio Cucina to eat!

Objects to propose
Lanificio Officina prefers decorative objects (ex. Lamps, ornamental vases, mirrors, various objects) and furniture (ex. Tables, chairs, cupboard, etc.).

In case of positive evaluation, you will receive a coupon that can always be used , both at lunch and at dinner time and during brunch at Lanificio Cucina. You must show the coupon before ordering.

Dishes of Lanificio Cucina
The Lanificio Cucina is thinking about some special dishes for owners of the coupon. For a first taste of view, we recommend you click HERE.

Timetables and appointment
lanificio Officina offers valuations by appointment from Monday to Saturday, from 11.00am to 4.00pm. Ph. +39 06.4501384 – officina@lanificio.com