The Classics – The new menu

The Classics of the new menu are available from the 24th of October.

It’s time to taste and re-taste the best recipes of Lanificio Cucina.

5 years have passed. 5 years of Lanificio Cucina with its menu, experiences and tastings.
After the Explosion of the flavours, the Evasion from tradition, the taste exploration in new Geographies, the revolutionary Dinner, the discover of Vegetables Anatomies, and after dipping the palate in “Bianco Acqua” the Lanificio Cucina team in toque blanche is ready to prepare the new menu. Like a ship that has long sailed in gastronomic new seas that comes back to the port with its hold full of new experience and flavors.

Chef Gabriele Ciocca & Co listened to all the proposals of regular and new customers that have dined over these years at the Lanificio Cucina and democratically chose the shape of the new menu. Et voilà ! The result has been successful with the choice of many plates that have made the history of our restaurant. For the next 6 months, Lanificio Cucina returns a modern Roman tavern and serves the Classics, the best and most appreciated recipes of its young tradition.
The guiding light that indicates the route is still the same: creativity and quality of the raw ingredients as the choice of the notorious homemade pasta from Mauro Secondi’s, the delicious extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany used for cooking and seasoning and at least but not last fresh biological peeled tomatoes from Lazio.

So cutting short, missing ours old flavours ?
No more worries, we suggest to enjoy us in an old but gold travel starting with quail breast and the onion flan, going forward with the pumpkin risotto with balsamic vinegar, the chuck tender, the panniculus, the pork loin “Patanegra”, ending with the iced eggnog, the tarte tatin and the tiramisu with cantucci biscuits and red fruits : what you are waiting for ?
Come to taste and re-taste the best recepies of Lanificio Cucina!

Cover: As the first time suggested by Alessandro Marchetti, entitled “Re Gallo”.