Chef Rogerio – Taste of Japan

On the banks of the Aniene River, our   contemporary restaurant, after 10 years of reinterpreting and experimenting the classics of gastronomy, paying attention to details and creativity in tasting, houses a pop-up corner dedicated to oriental cuisine.

The concept of ​​a modern tavern, that has been our trademark for years, in the new paradigm will stay and coexist with a new gastronomic culture.

From February 15th, our new show kitchen will host Rogerio Matsumoto, chef from São Paulo in Brazil of Japanese origins who in the last 13 years has brought his multicultural experience to Italy, in several well-known Sushi and Fusion restaurants.
To stay true to traditional italian cuisine, Chef Leonardo Orchi, long time resident of Lanificio Cucina, will propose the concept of ​​Osteria 2.0.