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  • 01/08/2018 w/ L2 Lanificio Live  @ Feria – Tetto del Lanificio


Quiver è un progetto pop/funk nato nell’estate del 2016, tra Costanta Puma, Lorenzo Russo e Julien Dumont.

June 2016, Rome: Costanza Puma and Lorenzo Russo met in rehearsals for a concert. Costanza’s drummer had called out sick and she needed a last minute replacement. Lorenzo stepped in, and he and Costanza hit it off. His decision to play that night led to the formation of Quiver.
Later that Night: at the afterparty, Lorenzo’s friend Julien who was studying with him at Berklee College of Music came by and also met Cotti. Together they found a musical synergy and a shared love for the sounds of Pop, Funk and Soul.

Their project consists of creating a merging between Pop, Funk and Soul, with many influences from artists like Lucio Battisti, Erykah Badu, Vulfpeck, and many more.

Costanza Puma: vocals/ keyboard
Lorenzo Russo: drums
Julien Vincent Dumont: bass