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  • 08/10/2016 w/ Slapp Opening Party

Marshall Jefferson

/ Trax Records, Ultra Music /

The story of house music will vary depending on who’s telling it. Some DJs, producers, clubs and records will always pop up in any proper conversations because the shadow of their influence looms large over everything that has come since. Pretty much there from day one, no matter who you ask, was Chicago’s Marshall Jefferson. Few men have been as instrumental in the development of Chicago house music since the 1980s as him, because he has had a hand in everything from deep house to acid house to ghetto house.

Whether crafting his own bona-fide classics like ‘Move Your Body’ or ‘The House Anthem’ or playing the keys on the productions of peers like CeCe Rogers’ ‘Someday’ (with whom he now runs USB Records) or whether touring the world taking his unique house sound and many Traxx releases to fans everywhere, Jefferson is and always will be mentioned whenever the history of house is discussed. In the 30 years since house was born Jefferson has released countless EPs, has been resident at parties around the world including Tribal Gathering and has spawned countless aliases from Jungle Wonz to Hercules. He remains as in demand now as ever and brings passion, enthusiasm and so much experience to each and every party he plays.