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  • 5/12/2014 w/ Rebel Theory


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Heatsick is an British artist and musician living and working in Berlin.
His work references cybernetics, affect, extended disco edits, minimalist composition, maximalism, early house and techno, performance, sculpture and video.

Heatsick’s music is created in real time based upon loops that are molded, stretched and reduced to interlink, nestle and merge with one another, in a similar way to his visual work where objects and media combine and coalesce in an environment inviting the viewer’s participation, or equally in dialogue with themselves. Recent outings have introduced the extended play concept, building upon the idea of the DJ set–albeit performed live–with visual accompaniment in the form of a light installation grid and experiments with temperature settings, unlocking sensation and affect outside of standard linguistics. Warwick uses limited resources to produce an immersive maximalist sound environment that has been favourably received in spaces diverse as Berghain Panorama Bar, Malmö Konsthalle, Frankfurt Städelschule and PS1, New York.

Discografia selezionata
“Dream Tennis 12” (Cocktail d’Amore, 2011)
“You’re Gorgeous and I’m Coming” LP w/ Richard Hawkins (EN/OF, 2012)
Déviation 12″ (PAN, 2012)
Convergence 12″ (Rush Hour, 2012)