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Busy P

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Pedro Winter (born Pierre Winter; April 21, 1975), also known as Busy P, is a French DJ, recording artist, record label owner, and artist manager. Winter managed Daft Punk from 1996 to 2008 and currently manages Cassius and artists on Ed Banger Records, a label that he owns and runs.

Winter was born on April 21, 1975 in Paris, France. He grew up under the influence of heavy metal, hip-hop, and rock that would later show in his music. He discovered electronic music in 1992 with his brother, Thomas Winter. Shortly after, he started DJing at the What’s Up Bar and organizing the events Hype at Folies Pigalle and then Smoker The Palace with David Guetta. Pedro met Daft Punk in 1996 when he was a law student; the soon-to-be-famous duo asked him to be their manager, and he obliged. In 2002, he created Headbangers Entertainment, through which he also managed artists Cassius, Cosmo Vitelli, DJ Mehdi, and Thomas Winter & Bogue. A year later, Winter founded the label Ed Banger Records, a music division that has included artists such as Breakbot, Feadz, Justice, Krazy Baldhead, Mr. Flash, SebastiAn, andUffie. In 2008, he stopped managing Daft Punk to focus on his label and music career as Busy P, but they still remain close.

For Phoenix’s debut album, United, Winter performed on a Rapman synthesizer in the song “Funky Squaredance”. His remix single of Fancy’s “What’s Your Name Again” was a club hit on its release. The music video for this was again created under the Ed Banger Records label.

Pedro was married to Nadege Winter, head of public relations at Parisian boutique Colette. His brother, Thomas Winter, an indie and electro house vocalist, is a tatooshop owner.

Busy P is currently working with Boston Bun and on a tenth-anniversary compilation album for Ed Banger Records.