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Louis Brodinski is a DJ and producer.

A key figure of the Parisian electronic scene, he was a long-time resident of the Social Club, that emblematic basement that shaped a whole generation of Parisian clubbers. A friend and collaborator of DJ Mehdi, and the producer of multiple EPs, Brodinski has since launched an international career, DJing regularly in America, Asia and Australia.

In 2012, he co-founded the Bromance label, which quickly became one of the key creative imprints in Paris. The label has released Parisian talents such as Gesaffelstein, the Club Cheval quatuor and Louisahhh, and also developed links with a selection of artists from across the world. In 2015 Louis Brodinski released his debut album, Brava, which brought together techno production with American rappers: a plunge into his desegregated musical world. After ending the Bromance adventure last year, Louis Brodinski, continuing his evolution, is today working on a series of projects that focus on North America hip-hop. Now aged 30, he splits his time between Paris and Atlanta, and is currently working on his next EP.